Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Like to Move It

Ethan is definitely better. It was astounding this morning to watch him with all his energy and think of how lethargic he was the previous morning. It kind of created a catch twenty-two for me, though. Since he was doing so much better and I was supposed to start a new student today, I decided to go ahead with lessons, which meant I had some cleaning to do. Ethan was quite happy when I was playing with him, but oh my gosh was he whiny when I tried to do anything else. And my patience, or rather the lack thereof, clearly showed I was lacking in sleep. So, we both have a bit of recovering to do still. ;)

In spite of the dishes that were begging me to clean them by threatening to drive me insane, when Terral got home from work we decided to enjoy what was left of the sunny day and get some much needed exercise together. Dishes can wait. The weather in Cedar is not so considerate, especially in Spring. So we loaded Ethan in the stroller and headed to the nearby track. Holy cow, am I out of shape. I did keep a decent pace, though. Ethan had fun "chasing" me in the stroller. He didn't start to get restless until the last lap, but breaking out the cheerios worked like a charm.

After a cool down lap for me, Ethan and I played in the grass and sand while Terral ran around the whole school for a change in pace. He's not much for running around in circles.

When Terral joined us again, we played around some more, and then Ethan decided he wanted to run on the track too. It was pretty cute. And so nice to see him happy. I think we all just needed to get out and move! I am so looking forward to summer!

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