Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Many Spy Shows

Right now I am reading a fictional book about a spy and Mary and I sometimes watch TV shows like Chuck and Burn Notice which are all about spies. Apparently I need a break because I had a dream the other night about my whole family being spies. For those of you that know my family well this dream might make you laugh.

In the dream we were a private team of operatives so we were not employed by the government so we were kind of like mercenaries. Somebody had invented a device that you could put in a car and improve gas milage dramatically. You could run on one tank of gas for several months. The oil companies bought it out and held very tight control over it and only sold it to special people and you had to have a certain kind of car. One of the few cars that they would install it on was a lamborghini. Our mission was to obtain one of the devices that we just called the generator and figure out how it worked so that a knock-off could be built and sold to the masses. In order to get the generator we had to have a special car. We found that a fancy hotel was giving away a lamborghini so we decided to steal it! (Don't worry, we planned on returning it.)

Each member of the family had a specific role. My dad was the guy that would engage small talk and distract certain people while the car was being taken. His objective was to get them talking and forget about everything else. My brother-in-law Chris and I were the guys that did the dirty work. We were the ones that had to infiltrate the hotel and steal the car. We had to disable alarms and all that sort of stuff. Chris is an engineer and so he could figure out the alarm systems and stuff. My two brothers Jaymon and McKade would pretend to be customers of the hotel and were in charge of keeping a lookout for Chris and I. My mom was the controller and the getaway driver for the team. She watched and listened to the whole operation from a safe distance. My sister Heather was the negotiator/persuader. If we needed to sweet talk somebody into letting us in the door or anything like that, it was her job to do it. I don't really remember what Mary did but I think she helped Heather. I also don't remember what my sister Erin did but her husband Corey was like a guard. He was the muscle of the group! I also vaguely remember Mary's sister Lynae being involved as well. The funny thing about this is that we could all probably play these roles in reality!

In the dream we successfully stole the lamborghini but I stopped casually to chat with a friend that I saw at the hotel. The funniest part of the dream was that we had to push start the lamborghini when we took off! That is all I remember. I don't know if we ever got the generator.