Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quick Recap of the Day

Ack! I almost forgot to post. I was busy getting ready for singing time. Kind of last minute, I know.

Today was a weird day. It snowed non-stop. I sure hope this is the last time this year, because I am feeling some serious warmth and sunshine withdrawals.

Ethan finally broke out in spots for real today, so we know for sure it's chicken pox. Yay! As happy as I am about that, I am very ready for my little man to feel better. He's done really well, all things considered. We've had lots of good playtime together, since he needs extra attention. Sleep has gone way downhill though, and we all know that just makes everything harder.

Because he hasn't even napped long enough for me to shower, the dishes have really piled up. I did some when he was awake, but it just caused trouble every time, so I gave up. And when the kitchen's dirty, it makes me feel like the whole house is a mess. yuck. At least I was able to give the bathroom a good cleaning a couple days ago when Terral had Ethan with him at work for a bit.

Well, I'd best head off to bed. Sweet dreams!

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