Monday, April 16, 2012

Not-So-Manic Monday

Well, today was rather refreshing. Terral wouldn't say so because he was down to the wire trying to finish his pictures for the deadline. Ethan and I had a pretty darn good day, though.

I don't normally like to go out of the house until I shower, but today the sun was calling to me and I knew it would be good for Ethan to go out too. So I threw on some exercise clothes and we went out. We had a really nice walk, and I was able to have a good chat with Diane. When we got back, Ethan played around in our yard for a while, and I even let him play in the trickle running down the gutter. Even though there wasn't very much water, he managed to get his lower half rather wet. But he thoroughly enjoyed it. (Random side note about our yard: Our neighbors finally cleaned up their dogs' poop today! Hooray for no more minefield!)

Then Ethan took a nap. I believe I already mentioned how poorly he's been napping while sick. Well, the kitchen was really driving me nuts and it was one of my goals to at least get started on it today, so I decided to forego my shower and clean instead. (Um, I also took time for a snack.) And, hallelujah, Ethan slept for more than an hour! And he wasn't grumpy when he woke up! And even though there are still a number of dishes left, the kitchen is in much better condition! Hooray!

Even though Ethan was really quite happy last week, it's pretty evident he is feeling much better.  For one thing, he ate so much better than he has been. We've had some real issues with this recently, so I was quite happy about the improvement. Yay for chewing.

After lunch, we went to visit Terral at school. He was working on mounting and framing his pictures. I was able to help by cleaning the plexiglass. We were both really glad for that, because he barely made the 5:00 deadline!

 When Terral was done teaching, we finished off our Easter eggs by making them into Squeegie Eggs. (You may know them as Goldenrod Eggs, but my mom renamed them long ago.) Again, Ethan ate really well. When he was done, he wanted to feed Terral. :)

We had a nice Family Home Evening with Terral's parents, and then it was time for bed for the little munchkin. His spots are nearly gone, but I asked Terral to put the calamine-lavender mixture on him for good measure. This was the result.
War paint never looked so cute.

How's that for a Monday? I will certainly take it!

PS I totally forgot to say that I dusted off the sewing machine and actually made something today! It's been far too long. It took more time than it should have, but it feels good to have checked off a project from my list!


  1. what a cute little painted boy body you've got there! and congrats on your company's recent national recognition! someday i will have kyle buy me some unshoes. maybe i'll get him some for Father's day...


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