Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter in Kanab

Well, I am finally going to post about our Easter trip. Sometimes trip posts can seem so overwhelming, even when it was just a quick one, as this was.

We weren't able to stay the whole weekend because we both needed to be here for our church callings. So we left Friday night after Terral was done teaching and we got there I think at about a quarter to ten. Here's where the story goes wrong. We were invited to watch a movie with my sisters and their husbands.  I didn't intend to watch the whole thing because I knew I was already tired and needed sleep, but I was a little curious about the movie, and I really wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family since we couldn't stay long. So I decided to watch part of it, which of course turned into watching all of it. I could tell I was sleep deprived, but I thought, "eh, no biggie. I'll just deal with it until I can nap on Sunday."

Well, I woke up surprisingly easily. The first part of the morning was fine. We had breakfast and did the egg hunt. Everything was just fine. And then a few things didn't go quite right, and I became rather emotional. All day, I just could not pull myself out of the funk. I just was not in a good mood. I knew it was from lack of sleep, but that didn't help me fix it. Ethan spent a decent amount of time being rather contrary, and that didn't help either. So, unfortunately I did not enjoy the weekend as I had hoped. Which was really frustrating because I had looked forward to it for a long time. And I'm sure I was no fun to be around.

But it was still a fun trip. I did have a little rain cloud following me (just keepin' it real--and reminding myself to never again stay up late like that when I'm already sleep deprived), but I was able to enjoy parts of it. And I know Terral and Ethan had fun, and it seemed like everyone else did too. Yay! :)  So let's just move on from my rain cloud and enjoy the pictures now.

 Ethan didn't last long hunting eggs. He was too excited to explore the new yard and try out the swings.
 Playing with Grandpa and cousin Dallin.
 We went to the Coral Pink sand dunes for the rest of the day. The kids had a lot of fun in the sand.
 Lots of four-wheeling was done, which is not my favorite, but I do enjoy occasionally.
 I finally wised up and just took Ethan's socks and shoes off. (I had hesitated because it really wasn't that warm.) He was intrigued by the new sensation. :)

 After very little success trying to get Ethan to nap, my sister Diane pretty much insisted on watching him for us so Terral and I could do a little exploring on the four-wheelers. I was able to let off a little steam and actually appreciate my surroundings more. (Thanks, Diney!) We loved the view we found.

 Everyone told us about some pictographs at the end of a trail, so we made sure to check them out. They were pretty awesome.

 I thought this little part of the trail was pretty awesome too.
 After we went back to my sister's house for dinner, we put the boys in together for a bath. I just had to take the cousins bathing together pic. I think they are pretty cute boys. 
(Lucas' ball was so well placed, I just had to borrow it for Ethan.)

I realized that I didn't get very many pictures of the rest of my family (I do have some I didn't upload), but we really did enjoy spending time with them. It was cute to see how some of the cousins interacted with Ethan. And the adults were understanding of my moodiness and did their best to help. We feel pretty darn blessed to have the family we do. 

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