Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Giving Blood and Service

This evening I had the opportunity to give blood. Terral was planning on going too, but he wasn't feeling well again (what is up with that?) and time wise it just wasn't going to work for both of us to go. So I went by myself while Terral stayed home with Ethan and made sure dinner didn't burn.

I think my time for filling the bag was a record for me. I don't remember exactly how much time she said, but it was under five minutes. When I stood up, everything went dark for a moment, but I could tell it would pass. One of the ladies asked me if I was okay, and I said I was fine, I just needed a second. She made sure I sat and got some goodies in me. The feeling passed and I decided to call Terral while I was waiting. Our phone call ended abruptly because I suddenly felt I was going to pass out. Those nearby came to my aid and got me to the floor with my feet on the chair. Luckily, that was all I needed and there was no more darkness for me this time. :)

I've passed out twice in my life. The first was my second time giving blood. I was still in the chair that time. The second was on my wedding day. Have I mentioned that before? Maybe I'll tell that story sometime.

As interesting as fainting can be, that's not the real point of this post.  I'm not sure when I gave blood last, but I know it was some time before I was pregnant. I've been thinking for several months that I wanted to do so. I feel the need to give more service, and this is a small act that has come to mind frequently. Consequently, I very much wanted to take advantage of the opportunity when it arose.

Every time I go and read through the booklet and questionnaire, I am always struck by the way our treatment of our own body determines to some extent the service we can offer to others. Of course, there are circumstances out of our control which sometimes prevent giving blood, but many of the things which can make your blood unsafe for transfusion are lifestyle choices. It always makes me so grateful for the guidance I have in my life to help me make correct choices. It also reminds me that when we exercise the agency given to us by God, the choices we make most certainly affect ourselves, but they also affect those whose lives we touch for good or ill. Today, I was reminded of a couple quotes from the recent General Conference.

  Whether we are young or old, what we do today determines the 
  service we will be  able to render and enjoy tomorrow.

  When we actually live the gospel in the pattern taught by the 
  Lord Jesus Christour ability to help others increases.

I hope that someday I can not only live my life in such a way that I not only have the potential to help others, but I also have the awareness and ability to do so.

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  1. MUST share the story about passing out on your wedding day! I need to read this!


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