Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fun Busy

Today was a very full day for Terral. It started a little after five in the morning for him, since he had to get ready for his race. He and some friends ran the Cedar Express Relay as Team Unshoes. I was originally going to run with them, but with the way I've been feeling lately, we thought it best to find a replacement. Luckily we found one easily enough! Besides Terral, the team members were Laura, her husband Shad, his sister Wendy (my replacement), and Zach. Zach and Laura both work for Terral. Zach was one of Jaymon's best friends, and Terral's been trying hard to get him "addicted" to running. And it looks like it's working! Everyone had a really good time at the race. They didn't finish at the top, but they did have quite a few people ask about the sandals. ;) I'm just glad they enjoyed themselves. Ethan and I enjoyed ourselves too. We slept in. :D (I really needed it because for some reason I just couldn't sleep at all the previous night. I just laid there all night until I finally fell asleep at about seven. Weird.)

When Terral got home from the relay, we packed up and headed to Sand Hollow to celebrate McKade's birthday. We spent a really fun afternoon there at the lake. McKade got to ride on the tube quite a bit, which is good since that was his favorite part. We had a great time playing in the sand (which was perfect!), throwing rocks, splashing in the water, and goofing around. We also did a little tubing. I had a short, very mild ride with Ethan that was very relaxing.

I didn't get very many pictures since I didn't want to get my phone wet, but I did at least get everyone who was there.

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