Saturday, July 28, 2012

Miracle Workers

I think it was Thursday when Terral suggested to me that it might be a good idea to have some people help us move some of our stuff on Saturday since Monday is not the best day to ask people to help. When Terral called the moving coordinator, though, he said they'd had a good turnout on a Monday before. Since there were already 2 moves set for the weekend and Monday would work, I thought Terral told me they decided to just do Monday, but apparently he said they'd have just a few guys help on Saturday too.

Well, when I understood this about 2 hours before they were supposed to get here, I started to panic a little bit. But by the time the first elder showed up, we were feeling pretty good about things.

The plan was to move the upstairs things that we had boxed up and whatever we could fit from the stuff in storage in the basement. Well, a lot more people and vehicles than we were expecting showed up, and they kept saying, "Well, we might as well take it while we're here!" I felt bad about things like loose ski boots downstairs, but the bishop reassured me that it would all stuff just fine in his van and we wouldn't have to worry about it blowing out. We could organize it later. Okay then! To our surprise, they pretty much cleaned out the mountain of stuff we had in the basement, as well as several things from upstairs we weren't planning on doing quite yet. Like chairs, the couches, bookshelves, and the piano.

These guys are awesome, I tell ya. It is no simple feat to move that piano. And they did it without complaint. But they did throw in a few Chuck Norris jokes. :)

If it didn't feel real before, it certainly does now. And I must say, that piano looks good in the new house. We are so, so grateful to all these great men for their help! We are really going to miss this ward.

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