Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Indio: Visitations

A couple places we visited while on vacation were Shields Date Farm and Old Town La Quinta.

While we were at the Date Farm, we all got date shakes. I have no idea why I thought I could eat one of those on my own. So not used to that amount of sweetness.

Speaking of sweets, here's proof that we don't entirely deprive our child of sugar, contrary to popular belief. ;)

They had a little eating area outside that was really pretty, but no one was out there A) because near closing time, and B) because it was too dang hot.
Looking the opposite way of the last picture.
La Quinta had a really cool vibe to it, and in spite of the heat, it was enjoyable to explore. It was smaller than we had expected though, and was just comprised of a number of stores.

There was a cute kids' store that had a lot of fun things in it. Ethan didn't want to leave.

Ahh! Misters!

They were some fun and interesting excursions.

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