Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busy Awesome Day

Today was a very busy day, but it was pretty awesome. For one, we got some awesome news. The house deal should close by the end of this week! Mind blowing, I tell ya.

One of my students told me that he was sad I was moving away. He said, "I wish you could stay until. . . 500 months!" I thought that was very sweet. No way I'm staying in that apartment 41 more years though. Although I do very much wish I could keep all my students.

This evening I spent some quality time with my mom and my sister Diane. We played quirkle and talked. That's one reason I like that game so much. It's a good talkin' game.

I feel like I'm about to fall asleep at the computer, so I think I'll stop there. There really was so much to this day! But I'll be satisfied with those highlights for now.

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  1. Hooray for you house news!! Can't wait to see pictures.


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