Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is it?

Ethan loves to jabber. He has a few words that are very clear, and some that are kind of close to real words, but a lot of what he says are seemingly random syllables that are jam packed with meaning. The past few days he has really gotten into asking, "What is it?", only it sounds more like, "Is is it?" (Imagine those words in the cutest baby voice ever, and you'll get it just about right.)

This morning, Terral was watching Ethan and letting me sleep in since I had been up with him in the wee hours of the morning.  Apparantly, Ethan was all kinds of jabberin'. He kept pointing at different things asking, "Is is it?"  At one point Ethan was sitting in Terral's lap, facing him.  He spied a bit of chest hair, pointed at it, and again asked, "Is is it?"  Terral said, "It's hair, like on your head," showing Ethan his own hair, "only down here" pointing at his (Terral's) chest.  Ethan thought for a minute, then looked down at his own chest.  His shirt was in the way, so he pulled at it and Terral unbuttoned it a bit. He pulled it open again and rubbed his chest.  Then he threw his hands wide and started jabbering in a tone that clearly meant something along the lines of, "Mine's different--I don't have any!"

Oh, the fun of discovery!

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