Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not Quite Elephant Arch

We finally got a decent dose of the outdoors today, but it wasn't quite what we had hoped.  We set off early afternoon to find Elephant Arch, but I don't think we even made it half way there.  The clouds rolled to take the warmth of the sun, and when the wind followed behind them we decided we had better turn back.

We did have fun while our little hike lasted, though.  We were hoping Ethan would fall asleep in the backpack, but he was enjoying himself too much.  Apparently it's been too long since we last hiked.  He liked watching Coby (Chris and Heather's dog) explore, and he was very interested in the horses we met along the way.  

On the "going forth" part of our little journey, Chris informed Terral he was erasing his footsteps.  Naturally, Terral decided to make it a little more difficult for him.

Never a dull moment when these two get together. :)

On the "retreat" part of our journey, Ethan decided he had had more than enough of riding in the backpack, so we took turns carrying him for a while.  

 But he still wasn't satisfied, so Terral tried holding him upside down.

He seemed to enjoy that, but of course it couldn't last forever.

So he finally got what he really wanted.


  1. It won't be very long before Ethan will be the one hopping around with Terral behind him!

  2. I love watching your little family grow, Mary.


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