Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today was a pretty good day.  I was a little slow getting going, but I feel okay about that because I still got a decent number of things done.  Like visiting teaching.  On the last day of the month.  Oops.

Ethan and I went for a walk (to do said visiting), and I couldn't believe how warm it was! Did not feel like January.  Although, to be fair, it is February tomorrow.  But still.  I'm a little nervous about how warm it's been because trees and bushes are starting to bud already, and they'll probably freeze.  Of course, this happened last year too, and things seemed to be okay.

Anyway. . .what else did I do today? Hmm. I cleaned the kitchen, which included an impromptu reorganizing of an area that's been driving me crazy.  Does anyone else have those sudden compulsions where you just have to de-clutter and organize, and no it cannot wait thank-you-very-much? I had one last week, too, with Terral's desk drawer. I love opening that drawer now.

I also sewed a little taggy pillow for a little girl who's been under the weather.

Did a bit of laundry, played with my boy, did some shopping, and cooked a fancier-than-normal meal with my hubby. We had Terral's brother and his fiance over for dinner tonight.  We've been meaning to get together for quite a while, so I'm glad it finally worked out.  After dinner we played Qwirkle, which was pretty fun.  I love it when I find a game Terral likes. McKade and Maycie like it too, which is awesome.

Ethan loved having company over, and amazingly he played with Dominos almost the whole time we were playing our game.  He would take them out and put them back in again, making sure none were sticking up funny.  Then, whenever he managed to put the lid on the tin box he would look around expectantly for praise.  Terral said he gets his impulse to organize from me. I wonder. . .who does he get his expectation of praise from? ;) Just kidding, just kidding.

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