Monday, January 16, 2012


We got to hang out with the Browns some more today before they made their way back home.  We mostly stayed at our apartment, but we did venture out to look at the massive landslide up the canyon.  The weather posed a sharp contrast to yesterday's outing—it was freezing!

It's hard to tell if you hadn't seen it before, but I took this picture because it shows how our campsite got obliterated.  We were camping here exactly a week before the landslide happened. (I intend to to a backlog on that trip.)

The road.  It always blows my mind a little bit when I see how the trees are still standing.  It's like half the mountain just relocated.  You know, decided it wanted a little more sun than it was getting up against the cliffs.

K and G next to one of the boulders that skipped its way down.

H kept saying, "This is amazing!" He liked walking through the "maze" of rocks.

We left Ethan's mittens at home, but he was not happy unless he had at least one free hand, so I gave him my glove.  That put a smile on everyone's face. :)

Since Ethan didn't want to be in the wrap, I used it to ward off some of the wind. ;)

We soon hurried home to some hot cocoa for the boys and then lunch.  The rest of the afternoon was spent in relaxed play.

We love having visitors, but it doesn't happen all that often because things can get cramped pretty quick in our little apartment.  Someday we'll have our own home. . .someday. . .

In the mean time, we are very grateful to have family who are willing to put up with us so we can enjoy their company!  Thanks for the fun, Sarah and co. !

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