Monday, October 8, 2012

Sick Little Man

I guess I shouldn't make promises about when I'm going to post pictures. We had a rough night, and I'm tired again and therefore won't be posting them.

Our poor little man started crying out in his sleep right after we went to bed. After a while of thinking he'd settle down and get some better rest, we finally went and got him. He was burning up. We all spent a very rough night, and we felt so sorry for him. Terral gave him a blessing and we used some essential oils on him. He still seemed pretty miserable this morning, but his temperature had gone down. After a bath, drinking some juice, eating, and watching some cartoons, he was ready for some sleep. We all took a nap together. It was interrupted because Ethan kept waking up, but all in all we got some much needed rest. Later in the day his temperature was much closer to normal and he was feeling good enough to play with his tractors outside and even do some jumping around. We're very grateful for this! We're hoping that tonight we'll all be able to get a good night's sleep in.

*edit* I guess I remembered about promising to post pictures before I actually promised and I took that out of last night's post. Too tired to remember what I remembered. . .

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