Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not Quite as Short

I know I'm pushing it, but I feel like doing a quick post again tonight. Today was really great, but it took it out of mee too. Things went well with our talks and my singing. It's not often you get to see results from talking in church, but we went to choir afterward and they had a bigger turnout than they've had in years! At least three times as many people as sang with the choir last time. It was rather exciting. (In case I didn't mention it before, our talks were on singing and the role music can and should play in our lives.)

I also did my first real visiting teaching today, and my parents stopped by really quickly on their way home from Kanab. It's my mom's birthday today (Happy Birthday Mom!), so we made a card with Ethan for her. He was excited to paint some more, and Mom seemed pleased with the result.

We also spent some time outside today because it was such beautiful weather. We went on a walk, and Ethan ran nearly the whole way! He sure loves to run. He and Terral played outside while I was at my VT meeting, and he didn't get a nap today, so he should sleep well tonight!

This evening I did some catching up on the budget (really need to stop putting that off) and Terral and I watched an episode of Call the Midwife. Man, that show really takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Birth is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but there are many circumstances that were/are just so sad. It certainly makes me grateful for my life and especially the gospel knowledge I have that protects me from dangerous situations and has the power to comfort in tragedy.

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