Monday, May 21, 2012

Zion 100, Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

After passing a semi-sleepless night (The wind kept tricking me into thinking an animal was coming after our food), we awoke to our beautiful campground.
 We had a yummy breakfast of homemade peanut butter granola in yogurt. Don't mind the bed head. ;)
 And then we went to check out the swimming hole! Oh, did I forget to mention one of the most awesome features of this camping spot? It was kind of the main reason we wanted to check it out. Ethan is fond of all things water, and he thought it was a good place for throwing rocks.

Terral thought it was a good place for a morning bath. :)

It was a little chilly for me yet, so I just watched while the boys played around. When we made it back to the tent, this is what greeted us. A little disturbing, no?
 We left the spider alone since it wasn't bothering us, and then we packed up half our stuff (there was a lot of back and forth on this trip) and went back to the park to finish setting up the booth and have lunch.

Ethan did quite well, and even lounged around a while.

 The booth!  
Sometime Terral wants to get a picture of an actual runner for a new poster, instead of me pretending to be one. ;
 Well, Ethan and I didn't really want to hang out at the park all day, so we went back to camp to play at the swimming hole some more. This time we actually got in. Ethan loved playing in the shallow area with the rocks, but seemed a little anxious when I took him into the deeper water for a minute. That surprised me a little bit.

 He kept picking up this big rock and throwing it about six inches. :)
 Oh, and this pic reminds me that there were some nasty gnats at our site in the morning. Ethan seemed to get the worst of it at first (I think they were attracted to his white little head), but we put some CC Salve on it and by afternoon you couldn't even see his bites. They didn't bother Terral and me much at first, but by the time we got home we had huge itchy bites all over us that are just now starting to fade away. You can see one of mine above my swimsuit. Lesson learned. Put the salve on right away!

 Well, we made it back to the park again to spend some more time with dad and eat dinner. There were a lot more people around, which was fun, but we weren't too excited about the really loud band setting up right next to us.
 We talked to some more people (I forgot to mention that in the morning I met a girl who was excited to show me that the only thing on her To Buy list was Unshoes) and I followed Ethan around as he wandered and played. We brought our own food to make, which was a yummy success, but then the race director handed us a couple tickets for the catered meal. We only took one since we were satisfied, but curious about their food. I give it and "eh, not bad". The best part was watching Ethan eat the watermelon. He didn't remember what watermelon was, so he approached it a little suspiciously at first. One bite convinced him this was something good!

We would have liked to stay for the award ceremony, but we had to get going, so we packed up all the booth stuff and headed back to camp one last time. While Terral and I took care of the tent, etc. Ethan gloried in the sand and sticks. What a cutie!

We made one last visit to the river. Isn't it beautiful?

 And we trekked over the bridge one last time. But we made sure to play on it before we left.

I think we'll be back. :)

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