Monday, May 14, 2012

Ethan Snapshots

My plan was to post something about our weekend, but after picking out a whole kucha of pictures, I just didn't feel like it anymore. Time for bed, man. So naturally, I picked out a few more pictures to share with you. . . Make sense of that if you can.

He's really been into books lately, which I think is awesome. And I finally got rid of the cardboard boxes that had been housing them. (Thanks for the basket Matt and Katie!) I still intend to build some shelves, but this is a good solution for now.

I snapped this picture yesterday morning. Yes, I did pick out his onesie especially for Mother's Day. ;) 
And no, that corner has not yet been subject to my spring cleaning frenzy. Slow and steady, folks. 
Ooh! Ooh! But today, I did tackle the basement! That's no small feat.

And he had to wear the hat this morning too. But not for very long. Just long enough for a good Yeehaw!
 Giddup lil downward doggie! (Do I need to explain that one?)

More and more, this little fellow is seeming more like a boy and less like a baby. He's been into drawing lately, so today I broke out the crayons. It kept him entertained for quite a while.

Other "Ethan Facts": His made up word for book is "manna". He started walking around on his tippie toes this week, clever boy. His sign for "potty" is the real thing now, but he rarely goes on the toilet since our bout of illnesses. He calls all meat, and basically anything savory, "ham". Havve I mentioned that he signs "banana" and "bird"? He understands and hot and says "ha!" Thankfully he didn't have to learn that one the hard way. Whenever he sees a flower (actually, it's kind of branched—no pun intended—into pretty much any plant) he'll sniff deeply and let out a huge sigh. "Aaaaah!" I love it. He loves to say "hi" to people. When he gets an owie, he holds it up for me to kiss it, and if he sees an owie on me, he will kiss it better for me. He give the best hugs and cuddles. He's really imitating us a lot, and it's fun to see him use his imagination.

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  1. Hes so cute! Sad to see them grow up sometimes but exciting too!


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