Sunday, May 20, 2012

Annular Eclipse

Terral's parents just closed on their property in New Harmony this weekend—just in time for the Ring of Fire! We passed so many parked cars on our way there. We were so glad we didn't have to deal with that and we still got "front row" seats!

Terral and I weren't sure we were going to go down, because just before we were about to leave, Ethan hurt himself. We're not sure what happened, because he was happily playing outside and we went in for a second to grab the water bottles. Suddenly he was crying and we found him with his face all scratched up. I can't figure out what happened because the one on his forehead looks like and impact, and the one below his eye is scratched, and he didn't have any wounds on his nose or hands. He cried for a good while, and we fixed him up as best we could. He nursed and had a little nap, and then we decided he was doing well enough we could go. I think he did better being outside than he would have at home, anyway. He had fun running around, playing with family, and throwing rocks.

Terral made some pinhole cameras out of some extra oats containers we had so we could view the eclipse. We ordered some special glasses, but they never came.

Not the greatest picture, but you can see how the one with the black spray-painted interior give a sharper image.

Here's Ethan hanging out with Aunt Heather throwing rocks. Kaden and Maycie came to play too. :)

And here's the rest of the crew working on dinner.
 When the ring of fire was complete, Ethan and I looked at it through one of the oats containers. You can barely see it in this picture.
 The reduced light gave a surreal feeling to everything. Here's a view of the new property with the mountains behind it.

Terral used some film left over from one of his classes and one of the oats containers to make a camera obscura. Hopefully the picture turns out!

Our shadows looked pretty funny during the eclipse, and we got a little goofy with them. :)

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