Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zion 100, Part 1

Sorry for the absence. Today,we are recovering from our latest and greatest, or should I say insane-est, adventure, but I figure I better do first things first and record our Zion 100 trip.

After Terral was done with work on Friday, we finished packing up and headed to Virgin. We found the park where the race was centered, and Terral started setting up his booth while Ethan and I ran around in the grass and explored the playground.

This little guy is very into cars lately, and he loves steering wheels. He signs "car" like it's the most exciting thing in the world. I love it. :)

Eventually, we went back to see if we could help Terral set up. It's a brand new canopy, and a little tricky to figure out, so it was taking him a little longer than expected. Plus, there was a nice strong breeze "helping" him out.

Eventually he got everything set up that he was comfortable leaving overnight, and we left for our campground. We had never been to this particular spot before, so it took us a while to find it, but we were so glad when we did! It's a wonderful spot, and we had it all to ourselves in spite of all the runners and their families that were camping out. Pretty sure that was due to the fact that you couldn't actually drive to it. You have to haul your stuff the last little way. So worth it.

While Terral (and Ethan) finished bring our stuff to the campsite, I set to work on dinner. Mmm. . . broccoli. :)

You really can't tell in this picture, but the cliffs looked just like a Jim Jones painting. It was gorgeous!

As soon as Ethan was free to roam, he got busy right away with the sand, rocks, and sticks.

And since we had to wait so long for dinner (what with a late start, the time at the park, and time spent looking for camp), it tasted oh so good! I must say, I was rather proud of my thrown-together meal.

Just before bed, Terral caught a frog and brought it to show Ethan. He actually didn't seem too interested in it. He was much more excited by the campsite and tent. This little guy really loves being outside! (Our adventure yesterday certainly proved that!)

While Terral washed the dishes, Ethan helped me pump up the air mattress. He was having so much fun. This was actually the highlight of the trip for me, because as we were pumping, he randomly stopped a couple times and gave me a huge hug! It was as if he was saying, "Thank you so much for bringing me here! This is the best trip ever!"

To Be Continued. . .

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