Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day and the Love Critter

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day, but we definitely didn't go all out. Terral and I counted the award banquet as our date, so we didn't really have anything planned. We did have one activity in mind, but Ethan was kind of being an ornery pants and didn't last long enough in the evening for us all to go out. (He woke up several times last night because of a stuffy nose. Poor kid wasn't feeling well.)

Most of the day was business as usual. Terral and Laura got several pairs of sandals done. Ethan even got in on the action by wiping some of the soles clean. I couldn't get a good shot, but it was really cute. We've got to capitalize on the fact that for now he finds cleaning fun. ;) Start 'em when their young. And while your at it, train 'em in the family business.

Ethan also helped me with dishes. I tied him to a chair because he insisted on being where he could see and participate a bit. I sure love that smile.
The shirt I'm wearing in the above pic is one of several hand-me-downs that found their way into my closet yesterday. (Thanks, Laura!) Inspired by my "new" clothes, I decided to get rid of some clothes I've been holding onto for some reason. Clothes that I never wear, but I kept "just in case". I thought maybe I could make them into something more wearable, but it felt good to finally just get rid of them. Ethan found the bag of clothes, and a sweater was on top. He pulled it out and had so much fun with the pom-poms, I decided to make something out of it for him for Valentine's Day, since I was all lame-o and didn't have anything for my boys beforehand.

So this is what it started out as.

 And this is what it turned into. 

 It's a critter. A lovey-snuggly kind of critter. With long floppy antennae. 

Or a crazy mustache if you change your view.

 I thought maybe Ethan would like to drag it around by the antenna, but he seems to prefer holding it close.


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