Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ultrasound Results

This morning we went to St. George for our ultrasound. We were really happy to find out last month that the ultrasound tech we went to in Vegas last time now makes trips to St. George once a month.

Everything checked out beautifully. She looked perfectly formed. Oops, did I just let slip the fact that we're having a girl? Well, we are! The feeling we had is now confirmed. :)

She was a bit of a contortionist. Look at that spine curvature! She had her feet above her head a lot of the time. She made it a little difficult to get good shots because she was moving and twisting so much.
 But the tech was able to find everything he needed to let us know that her growth and development are right on track.

It feels good to say "she" without qualifiers. :) We're very excited to meet this little girl and find out what her personality is like!

Ethan did pretty well during the first part of the ultrasound. He liked to point at the screen and say "baby!" But after a while he lost interest and just wanted to go play with the big exercise ball in the waiting room. Who can blame him?

After the ultrasound, we took a little walk and then went to our midwife appointment, which also went very well. Yay for good growth!

Instead of driving straight home, we stopped at the pioneer park place so we could hike around a bit. Ethan loved it!

 He saw daddy climbing,
 and he wanted to try it too!
 So he climbed,

 and climbed,
and climbed!

It was a wonderful day.


  1. Congratulations! I'm excited for your little girl to join your family!! Ethan's going to LOVE her!


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