Sunday, November 11, 2012


Terral and I have really been enjoying our homesteading lately. We have a lot of plans for things we want to incorporate into our life to become more self-sufficient, and we've started doing a few of them.

Getting chickens was one of those things. Terral was noting yesterday some of the things we had going. I fed and watered the chickens and mucked out part of their coop, then gathered eggs. We have couple jars of our own sourdough starter in process. We are drying some jalapenos.  I cooked a whole chicken yesterday (it turned out so yummy with a perfect tenderness!) and today I finished making my first bone broth. Terral cooked a pumpkin and used it to make muffins this morning, and he also roasted the seeds.

Anyway, it's just really exciting to us to actually be doing some of these things we've talked about for a long time. And I just love learning new things. I've been reading a lot lately on how to preserve with lacto-fermentation. It has lots of health benefits and is easier than doing a hot water bath. We're also learning how to utilise more of what we have. Like feeding kitchen scraps to the chickens and making mineral-rich bone broth. It's just cool!

And it's because it's cool that I felt like sharing. The end.

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