Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Lately Ethan's really been enjoying playing with blocks. He likes to have his tractors "dig" them up and gather them in a pile on our laps. And of course he likes to build towers and knock them down. One day he just started lining them up on the couch and calling them a train. It's so fun to see him make connections and use his imagination!

Last week he was building a train again, and this time he called it his "Hallo" train. Since he was a train conductor for Halloween, he now associates trains with Halloween. :)

And here he is playing with blocks (that were really filler pieces for the stairs) with grandma. He was so excited about the house they built. :)

After Ethan's nap today, he and Terral went outside to play for a while. Ethan ended up playing with his outside blocks and his tractors and didn't want to come in, even when he got cold. He built another "Hallo" train and was excited to show it to me. He wasn't quite as excited by the time I got the camera, but it's still fun to hear him talk about it. :)

Then this evening I went to a Relief Society activity. When I came home, Terral showed me some pictures and told me how Ethan got out his blocks and drill (a taped piece of paper roughly in the shape of a drill) and kept saying, "House? House?" So he and Terral built a house. Ethan was the creative force, and Terral was the stabilizer. It's a pretty awesome design!

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