Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More on the Railings

It's about time that I filled in a little on the progress we made last Saturday.

It was a snowy weekend, so we weren't sure my family was going to come, but they did! Matt and Karalee traveled as far as Delta Friday night after work, then they rode down with Mom and Dad in the morning. Diane and Mike were here by noon in spite of the snowy mountain between us. Everyone was such a big help and we are so grateful they braved the weather to come to our aid!

Matt and Karalee tore out the drywall next to the stairs.
 Mike helped quite a bit with the construction of the wall next to the stairs and figuring out some of the details for the hardwood.

 Dad was supposed to just supervise, but we couldn't keep him down. He did try to not overdo it though. And it's great that he was feeling well enough to do what he did.
 Once all the sanding and staining was done for the remaining stair pieces, the women didn't have a lot they could do, so I asked for their help getting started on our cupboards. Terral and I bought a couple of 1/4" thick MDF boards to make trim for the doors. Dad helped me double check the measurements and cut the strips. He did the cutting at first until I asked him to just teach me how to do it. Once he did, I took over at the saw. :)

 Mom and Karalee nailed the trim to the cupboards and drawers, and they even put a primer coat of paint on the lower ones! I can't tell you how excited I am to have this project underway!
 While we were all busy with construction, the kids were busy playing. I just had to snap a picture of Ethan and Lucas together. :)
  Finally it was time for the railings to be put in! Happy day!
 Matt and Karalee made quite the team. :)
 Made had made all the parts large so they could be cut to the right angles, etc. Dad did a lot of that cutting.
 Ethan sure loves it when family comes to visit. He often points to the stair rails and says, "Matt" or "Karalee did it!" It's fun to hear him try to say Karalee.
 Here are a few more views of the stairs with the newly-installed railings. We love having them up!
 And the landings is one of my favorite parts. These pictures really don't do justice to the stairs. They look so good!
 Here's Ethan going up for the first time!

 And just for fun, here he is after everyone left and he decided to put on my boots.

Am I a blessed girl, or what?

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