Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I failed yet again to get a good picture of our costumes, so this year we'll have to be satisfied with the one from the carnival. I did however, manage to snap a few at our Halloween Party.

We didn't have much of a turnout this year, but we did have fun with our friends! We started with a yummy potluck dinner, and then moved on to some games. While the older kids did a little trick or treating, we did a few things for the toddlers. There was bean bag tossing (made the bags that morning), fun with balloons, and sticking face parts on a pumpkin. The last didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but oh well!

Then it was time for some "big kid" games. We played our beloved Mouse Trap. It's about the only time we play it all year, so I'm glad it's a favorite. Ethan really likes it too, and he definitely wanted in on the action. It was cute to see his anxious but excited face when he knew the lid would come down any second. He liked holding his bell "mouse" and even got a couple turns as the cat.

His little friend wanted in on the action too, but in a different way. She liked to be right in the circle playing with all the pieces.

We also played the monster partner game, and then we had a little mummy wrapping contest.

"I'm ready to get out now, dad!"
 Ah! Freedom.

 Break free!

After everyone had gone, I had Terral snap a few pictures of me in my costume. His and Ethan's were pretty scattered at that point, or I would have taken some of them as well.

Not sure what this face was all about, but it reminds me of my mom a little bit somehow.
 First attempt at showing the pregnant belly.
 Second attempt: more success with the focus and showing the belly, not quite as much with the face. Kind of freaky. Oh well, it's Halloween, right?

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