Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tenacious Me

Today was a bit crazy again, but I'm starting to feel a little more "back to normal". It helps that the kitchen is starting to look more like a kitchen again, and various piles of things are finding their way to their more permanent residences.

I took a second look at our potential home today. Yes, I did latch on to it like a bulldog after seeing it just once. But since we are possibly back in the game and houses that need work have a way of breeding tasks, I thought it prudent to take the opportunity to look at everything closer and see if it felt any different. I saw a lot of things I didn't notice or remember from the first time, but it still feels like home. Terral didn't get to come with me because he thinks he has a lot of sandals to make or something, but he was glad at least one of us was able to go.

I also picked up our first produce basket from the CSA today. Yay! Oh, and we tried goat's milk for the first time today! Now it's pretty well decided that we will someday have some milk goats. I'm excited by the prospect. And if we get this house, we'll have the perfect place to put them.

And now I've started rambling.

As long as we've returned to the subject of "the house", I guess I should say that I also met with our lender today, and we cooked up a couple schemes for getting us the house. Really, it's all above-board, but I do appreciate the fact that our lender is willing to think outside the box with us and be just as tenacious as I. So even though chances are rather slim, I'm still very hopeful. And we're at peace with the whole thing. If it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to. And there I go rambling again. Rest assured, at the end of this house hunt—whenever that may be—there will be more rambling about the roller coaster we've been on. Hmmm. . .roller coaster seems a bit mild of a description.

ANYWAY. . .in an effort to stop my endless house talk, here's a picture of my darling boy being all cute with his pockets today.

PS I don't suppose anyone got the title reference. . .?

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