Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reunion: Day Two Morning

We started Saturday morning bright and early. Sarah had convinced several of us to do the Hinckley Pioneer Classic. Since I wasn't really planning on doing it, I had to borrow some clothes from mom. This was the first official race most of us, including Terral and me, had ever done. It was fun to do it all together. It was only two miles, but it was a challenge for me since I hadn't hardly run at all since before Ethan was born. Also, I was wearing my new unshoes, which was fun but a very different experience from sneakers. Rachel and Dave were behind me at the beginning (I finished last in our family) and they said afterward that my head looked like it was just kind of gliding along. I thought that was a really great compliment. :)

I planned our reunion to be the same weekend as the larger Henke Reunion, so after the race we all gathered to be on my Grandma's float. She turned 90 on the 25th, so my Aunt MaryAnna planned for us to celebrate it at the Pioneer Day Parade. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but the banner said, 

Florence Cook Henke
Paved the Way for her Legacy
10 Children, 62 Grandchildren and 166 Great Grandchildren

Yup, my grandma has over 200 descendants.

After the parade, everyone went over to a pavilion that was reserved so we could eat, visit, and celebrate Grandmas' birthday some more.

Some of the kids started a game.
 And it soon grew in size. :)
 Here is my grandmother with her living siblings.
 And most of her children. My dad's the handsome one second from the left.
 Ethan fell asleep in my arms. He didn't seem to mind the awkward position.
 Here's my dad with his Uncle Rulon. Dad was born on his birthday, so his middle name is Rulon. I didn't know that until we were searching our families' Books of Remembrance for Ethan's middle name.
 And here's Ethan with his Great Grandma Henke.

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