Sunday, March 13, 2011


We get a yearly visit from my sister Diane thanks to the piano festival.  This year, I was excited when she asked if she and her family could spend the night.  I think the only person who has stayed overnight at our apartment before is my mom.  We like to help out, but rarely have the chance because we don't have very much room.  We made it work, though!

We had a good time with them.  Ryan and Kaylee had fun playing with Uncle Terral.  He took them on some skateboard rides.

Super Ryan
Walking to the starting point
Ryan had fun taking pictures of his adventures
Diane had a hard time explaining you can't see the pictures right away on a disposable camera. :)
Kaylee's turn
Lucas hung out on the lawn in the mean time
Catching some rays :)
This picture kind of cracks me up

I will leave you with a little video of some skateboarding fun.

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