Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Little Model

Confession time.  Sometimes I take pictures of my little boy just because he's cute. . .and because his outfit is cute.  Here are some examples.

3 January 2011
This one wasn't so much that I thought the outfit was cute, but it was too funny not to take a picture.  We bundled him up to go on a walk, and this was the smallest warm outfit we could find at the time.

15 January 2011
 Admittedly this one is a little reminiscent of Elvis.  But who can resist a polo shirt that's a whole outfit?
21 January 2011
I'm rather proud of my DI find.  How cute is that argyle sweater?  Only made cuter by its wearer, of course.
24 January 2011
 This one is documenting some gifts sent from afar.  My mother-in-law has a friend in Australia who sent a couple of tank tops and a pair of socks that she hand smocked.
26 January 2011
Please note the way he is holding out his hands in his sleep.  Anyone else's kids do this?
9 February 2011
This outfit seems so comfy.  Plus it has bears that are camping and it says Little Explorer on it.  Perfect.  Sadly, he has already outgrown it. It didn't fit him nearly long enough.
25 February 2011
Little surfer dude. With matching socks. 'Nuff said.
4 March 2011
My Little Fox wearing a little fox.  My mother-in-law searched high and low for this outfit.
10 March 2011
The cuteness kills me when he's got the hooded jacket on.  He looks ready to go for a jog!

10 March 2011
 He fell asleep the second I put him in the stroller.  This outfit was the result of an exceptionally warm and sunny day.
11 March 2011
 And finally, I had to get my handsome boys in their coordinating outfits.  Would you believe Terral was a chubby baby too?
17 March 2011


  1. Ya know, just the other day I was thinking - I should dress up my babies more often and just take a bunch of pictures. Cuz someday they're not going to let me dress them how I want to.
    Glad to see you're already up on this!

  2. Hey I would love to see what/how you did your couch, I really am completely terrified to do it!

  3. Very cute. And that is pretty funny how he holds his hands while sleeping! Does he always do that?

  4. He usually holds his hands out if something startled him in his sleep. He flails or stretches for a second and then just holds it there when the moment passes. He does it less now, but he used to do it rather frequently.

  5. we have the same swing as you! and yes, brynli does the same thing with her hands. like she's super dainty or something. pretty cute on babies!!!!he's a sweetie!

  6. I love love love looking at your blog. And your beautiful family.


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