Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, Sir, That's my Baby

Well, I hardly even know what to write about.  I've written so many little posts in my head, but obviously not much has made it to press.  So I think this will just be a conglomerate of whatever comes to mind.

First off, since Ethan turned a month old, he went bald, grew eyelashes, got baby acne, and started smiling and using his voice more frequently.  I love it when he uses his voice.  It makes the very innermost part of you go "awe!".  So cute.  By using his voice I mean noises that aren't crying or grunting.  I'm pretty sure he is the gruntin'est baby there ever was.  Terral calls him Grunts.  This has evolved into Sir Grunts-a-Lot, I not a Runt/Gwunt! (*flashback to Toddler Terral saying "I not a Nort!"), and Mister Grunts.  Of course, he's Mister Something-or-other a lot these days: just plain Mister, Mister Mister, Mister Cute Stuff (*sing* who do you think you are?), and so on and so on.  Sorry--I digress.  The point is, he has a lot of nicknames that change on whim.

Ethan has inherited quite a bit from his dad.  People comparing him to animals, for one thing.  When he was just a week old, one of my friends said he looked like a turtle(!), and the comparisons have only continued from there.  For the record, she did qualify that she meant it in a good way.

Ethan also has Terral's blue eyes, random long hairs, and ability for making awesome faces.  I have yet to capture some of my favorite faces on camera--particularly the one I call Stretchy Face.  I know it sounds funny, but he makes it when he stretches, and that's just what came to my mind.  By the way, I just love when he stretches.  It's so stinkin' cute!  He stretches every which way like he can't get enough of it.  He arches his back, stretches way up tall, puts his little fists by his face, lifts his eyebrows, scwunches his mouth, and basically experiments with moving his body however he can--all the while making grunting noises.

I have gotten a couple of his very expressive expressions on camera.  This face is what he makes when he first is lowered into the water at bath time. (taken 2/9/2011)
Cracks me up every time.  (Is that mean?  Don't worry--we do our best to help him feel safe and secure.  It's a fleeting face.)  By the way, he still seems to enjoy bath time quite a bit.  It's his special time with dad every night.

This is a variation of Whistle Face.  He usually makes this one when waking up. (1/28/2011)

Here are a couple of smiles from the same day.  The second one is almost one of his Buddha Smiles.

He makes a lot of faces.  And I love it.  Let's face it (seriously no pun intended--I didn't even notice I did that at first), I just love everything about this kid, and I can't get over how cute and amazing he is. (Not that I would want to.)  The miracle of life just blows me away.

Ethan has been strong from the get go, and of course he is just getting stronger as he grows.  Here is a prime example of his strength in holding his head up while hanging out with dad at work. (2/10/2011)

So, remember how I said Ethan went bald?  That's another thing he apparently inherited from his father.  Most babies get a bald spot on the back of their head, right?  As far as I know, anyway.  Our little guy went bald on the top of his head, like an old man.  He had a nice fringe of hair all the way around, but nothing on the top.  Luckily, it's growing back now.

Okay, I think I will end this long post with one more random fact.  I discovered a birthmark on Ethan a few days ago.  I mean besides the stork bites, which he has on his forehead and the back of his neck.  It's just a little one on his left leg.  You can barely see it in this picture. (2/9/2011)

I lied.  I want to post one more picture that I took just to record Ethan in his cute diapers. (1/18/2011)
I'll admit that we weren't too sure about cloth diapering at first, but it made a lot of sense to us, particularly for financial reasons, so we took the plunge and invested.  It does have a few drawbacks, but overall we really like it.  Maybe I'll write more about that sometime.  For now, I will bid you adieu. 


  1. I always pictured it to be "Gruntz"!
    Yes, I'll admit that he gets his funny faces from me but the baldness could come from your side as well... have you seen your dad lately!?

  2. Did you get your diapers from Oh Katy? She went to high school with me. I wanted to buy her diapers but Glen didn't like the idea...

  3. No, we got Fuzzi Bunz through Urban Sprout. Most people don't like the idea, at least at first. But I think it's totally worth it.

  4. Mary I love your little man. When Patrick was tiny like Ethan is now, I always called him, "Mister Man". Also...more than once someone told me that Patrick resembled a turtle! That's funny. I would love you to write all about cloth diapers, I think (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I am interested in using them on our next one. You have such a sweet family! I love his bath face. It cracks me up.

  5. Nice descriptions, Mary! So glad you are enjoying every little thing!

  6. Whistle face looks like Blue Steel! hahaha.


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