Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Hike

I was pretty excited to go to St. George for our six week appointment.  I always thought St. George was the kind of place it's nice to visit on a rare occasion, but I'm kind of addicted after our frequent prenatal  visits.

Our appointment went really well.  I was sad to realize that we won't be seeing our midwife on a regular basis anymore.  We built a pretty good relationship over the course of my pregnancy.  Before we left, she made sure to introduce Ethan to the rest of her family.  It's always gratifying when other people seem to think he's as cute as we do. :)

Ethan is still growing at an amazing (to me) rate.  His six weeks measurements are 11 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches.  He'll be double his birth weight in no time! He is definitely in the middle of a growth spurt.  It was a lot more difficult to travel with him this time because he wanted to eat every 40 min to an hour and he got really upset if he didn't get it right away.  Next time I'll bring my pump and a bottle so we don't have to keep pulling over.

After the appointment, we had our usual visit with Heather and Chris, which is a large reason for my addiction.  We had a little barbecue with them, then we decided to go to Snow Canyon for a little hike.  I had never been there before, but Terral has told me about how much he loved going there as a kid before it was made into a state park.  We probably would have gone before now except that we're really cheap and prefer going places we don't have to pay to get in.  Fortunately, Heather and Chris have a state parks pass.

Beautiful Snow Canyon
Hiking makes somebody sleepy

Ethan did well on the hike.  He slept almost the whole time.  I also did well, but I didn't sleep at all. ; ) I wasn't sure how much hiking I could handle, but the only time I got tired/sore was when we were standing around.  I was really pleased about this, especially since Terral had just made me a pair of Unshoes and I was wearing them for the first time.  If people aren't used to minimal footwear or walking around barefoot all the time, it usually takes a while to be comfortable in those sandals.  I didn't have a problem, which meant Terral carried around my Chacos for naught.  Thankfully, he didn't mind.

Sporting my new sandals

We really enjoyed the warmer weather.  It was so nice to be outside for a substantial amount of time! I was a little weirded out by the light, though.  The sun seemed super low in the south, and it somehow gave a surreal feeling to everything in that landscape. 

First hike as a family of three

We always have fun with Heather and Chris

Lovin' the sunshine!

Terral caught me doing a King Julian impression

Tender moment :)

Me with my little buddy

Chris showing the ladybug rock who's boss

My goofy hubby

Yeah.  St. George is good times.

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  1. Those pictures are awesome! Can you post them on Facebook? I love that you said you are addicted to St. George. I want you guys to come live here so bad!!


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