Thursday, January 27, 2011

Four Weeks!

I know I just said this last week, but it's so hard to believe so much time has passed since Ethan's birth!  He is growing so quickly.  Part of me is so excited to see him grow and progress, and part of me doesn't want to let go of the itty-bitty baby stage.  I guess that's why we don't control how fast they grow, eh?  It's a good thing it's up to Someone who knows a lot more than I do.

Ethan now weighs 9 lbs 8 oz and is 21 1/8 in long.  I told you he is growing fast!  His cheeks are getting round and chubby, and he's developing a bit of a double chin.  I just love his cuteness.

As for me, I can believe it's been four weeks when I realize how good I feel.  I'm not really sore anymore, unless I've tried to do too much that day.  I've really been kind of amazed at how quickly my body is going back to "normal".  I'm very grateful for that.

Sorry, no pictures tonight.  I want to have time to bake some oatmeal cookies so I can have something to snack on besides toast and my addiction of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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