Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We took another trip to Delta, this time to celebrate Easter. We had a really enjoyable trip.

Easter morning, we went to visit Ethan's Great-Grandma Henke. It was the first time he got to meet her.

 The other grandkids had baskets to find, but we didn't get one for Ethan because we figured it wouldn't make any difference to him. I did bring along a crochet lamb that I was working on for him, but I didn't finish it in time. I did get to hide Matt's basket, though. It was fun watching him look for it. It took him forever to find it! Tee hee.

I also helped hide eggs for the kids' egg hunt. During the first part of the hunt, I hung out with Ethan and Dad by the willow tree. I'm making a major fashion statement in this picture with my green fuzzy socks and last-second borrowed sandals. Oh yeah. I look good.

 The kids searched all over for the eggs. They found quite a few of them without help.

Matt and his friend Sara (sp?) found a few too.

And here's Ethan in his Easter outfit. The jacket and pants were a gift from a lady that I visit teach. So cute and soft! And perfect for Easter. This picture makes me giggle with Ethan's serious face and so not serious outfit.

He had fun watching his cousins sort and count their eggs. They kindly shared with him.

And then daddy showed him how fun it is to climb trees! :) I love his smile.

Ethan also got to jump on the trampoline for the first time. It's so fun to experience things like this in a new way. Having a child is almost like getting a new life for yourself too. You see it all as if it was the first time. What a wonderful gift!

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