Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Love My Husband, Part III

Late last night, in spite of the fact that I don't know when the last time either of us had a decent night's sleep, Terral patiently listened to me talk about something that's been worrying me.  He let me unload, comforted me, and gave me new perspective.  I felt much of the worry melt away as hopeful acceptance replaced it.  I still had something more to say, but in the middle of my sentence I suddenly couldn't remember what it was (which is highly unusual of me in such circumstances).  After a pause, I said, "I think Heavenly Father's giving me a stupor of thought so I can sleep."  Terral replied with, "That's why I sleep so well at night."

Who wouldn't love a man who could take you from worry to laughter?


  1. awww what an awesome guy you snagged, there mary! ethan is adorable as always. hope you have some happy holidays!

  2. I totally agree. One of my favorite things about Derrick is how he can make me feel better. He's so good at it! I'm glad you met such a great guy!


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